Thursday, April 10, 2014

What's with all the music?

To continue from my last post, regarding the music aspect of my writing.  Most of you know from my profiles that I LOVE music.  And as I said in my last post, songs inspire some of the scenes that are created in my head.  Sometimes I feel like my own words can't truly express the full emotion of what I want to have come across to the reader, so I share the song that brought me to that place.  It's not just the words of the song, but the tone, tempo, melodies of the music.  Imagine watching a movie and there was no soundtrack.  A lot of times it's the music that brings you to the emotions the screenwriters want you to feel.  When I write my books, I am sharing the story of the "movie" that is playing in my mind.  I can describe to you in words the emotions, but I feel like adding the music pushes the reader to the next level of emotion.  Music, in many ways has saved me from the brink of insanity.  It has helped me through some really tough times and helps me remember the good times.  It is a huge part of who I am, so naturally I would have to include it in my writing.  Sometimes I wish that I had an ounce of musical talent so that I could write songs, but I don't. Not at all!!!  So I do what I can to tell you their stories.  I may not be the best writer, but I hope I'm a great storyteller!

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  1. It is kind of funny because when reading i very much did identify with the music selection, just never thought about it setting the mood in the story. It does though and it is interesting to hear why, but now i get it!