Saturday, November 21, 2015

Behind the Music: Cutting Through

As you all know, music has been a big part of my writing.  I either get inspired by a song or I hear a song and think, "This is totally a song for...."  Other authors have done the same where they have mentioned a song in a scene, and I have started going back and listening to some of those songs so that I can hear what inspired them to use it.  SO.... I am going to try my hardest to tell you why I chose certain songs for different scenes in the book Cutting Through. AND provide links to each song.  Once you hear them they really just become obvious as to why I used them.  OK, here is the list from the beginning.  (You may have to copy and paste the link in your browser if it doesn't automatically let you just hit the link.  Sorry, that is my lack of tech coming through.  Josh, where are you when I need you!!!?)

"Crazy Love" by Michael Bublé
First off, he has and amazingly sexy voice.  Second, I wanted a song that was not only romantic but also a little tongue in cheek.

"Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton
Again, I wanted a classic type of romantic song for them to dance to.  It's a song that reminds me of a couple slowly dancing, holding each other close.  To me, Jake was into all kinds of music and appreciated the classics.

"Shut Up" by Simple Plan
This is kind of Janie's way of saying fuck off to everyone that has been making her feel like shit.  At this point in the story, Jake had done something that pissed her off.  She felt as though he was treating her like a child, like someone who couldn't do things on her own.  She needed a bit of a release and this was the perfect song to help her.

These next few songs are the ones that Jake "gave" to Janie.  When they first met, she kind of gave him the brush off for her music.  Then she told him that she needed to listen to her music to run to.  He felt that the music would get through to her more than his words, so he would "give" her songs that expressed how he felt.

"Home" by Philip Philips
Jake knew that starting over for Janie was hard.  He wanted her to know that he was there for her.  Having her move into the cabin was helping her settle down and making sure she knew that she was home.

"Perfect" by Adam Cappa
Janie was slipping into her dark place and Jake wanted to help her, but had to leave for a few days.  Janie insisted that he go and that she would be fine.  When I heard this song I knew that it was the perfect song for him to give to her.  It says everything that he wanted her to know.

"Dark Side" by Kelly Clarkson
After Jake had his breakdown, he thought it was over with him and Janie.  He sent her this song to ask her if she could see past his dark side and love him for who he is.

"Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars
After Jake brought Janie back from Maryland and he knew things were going to be ok, he wanted to do something special for her that included the other people that meant so much to her.  This scene showed the more fun, light hearted side to Jake.  Again, the  words say everything that he wanted her to know.

"All That You Are" by The GooGoo Dolls
After I heard this song I knew this was the one Jake would give to Janie at the end.  It was their story to a T.  Janie was everything to him, beautifully broken and all. Makes me cry every time I hear it.

I will try to put one together for Maggie and Drew.  That one will be a little different as the songs I credited in the back were not all mentioned in the book, but were the songs going through my head for certain scenes.  I hope you enjoy the music as much as I do.