Tuesday, November 18, 2014

getting inside my head

I am at a part in my book that has been extremely hard for me to write.  I have tried to wrap my head around the pain and suffering of this character but I have been finding it hard to express it in words.  How do you express emotions from events that you know nothing about?
My first attempt was no good.  My second was not much better. My "editor" told me it didn't feel right.  I struggled for days trying to get into the mindset of this person, trying to feel what she might be feeling.  It wasn't until I was having a blah kind of day and just channeled my own demons and was able to get something a bit more real on paper.
After resubmitting the piece I got a more favorable review and I edited it into the book.  Some days writing a story can take everything out of you, but in the end gives you so much.