Monday, July 14, 2014

So what did you think?

So, as some of you know, I received my first bad review last month. I read and reread it trying to figure out what some of the comments actually meant.  Now, I understand that not everyone is going to like my stories or my style of writing and I am perfectly fine with that, but when I saw that she placed my title in the category of "books I just couldn't finish," I was dumbfounded.  I thought, "wow, was my story THAT bad to her that she couldn't even get to the end?  What part did she stop at?  What was the breaking point for her?"  I was driving myself kind of crazy.  My husband and friends were telling me not to let it get to me, that I wasn't going to please everyone.  I know that, I was expecting to get bad reviews, but for some reason seeing it placed in that category REALLY bothered me.  Then I thought about some of the books I have read, or tried to read.  For example, Wicked. Now, a lot of people loved that book and ranted about how great it was.  Well, that was one of the books I put into that dreaded category.  I tried and tried to get through that book but I just couldn't do it.  This story that was made into an amazing musical, which I LOVE, was once just a book I couldn't get through.  So, with all of that said, I am no longer thinking about the review in the same way.  I am very glad that she shared her opinion, whether I liked it or not.  I want to hear what people really think of my book.  I want to know what they liked and didn't like.  Without these comments I may not get better at telling my stories.  So, thank you to everyone who has shared their thoughts and comments.  I look forward to hearing more from my readers, both good AND bad!