Sunday, January 18, 2015

who cares, right?

As the royalties pour in from the new book (LMFAO) I sit and think about how I can get more people to read my books.  Hell, I can't even get some of my friends/family to buy them, how the hell am I going to get strangers to buy them?  I've said before that I don't care how much money I make on my books and that's true, however I still want to make something!  I know if I put Back To Me on for a free promo a lot of people will scoop it up, but the problem with that is that they aren't necessarily reading it!  I had hundreds of people get Cutting Through during the free promo, but I only got 3 ratings and one very bad review out of it.  Yes I did get other reviews from friends and family but I can't be certain that those are not bias opinions.  I mean so many people said they loved the first book but yet they haven't bought the second one yet.  I've said this before too, I am not a patient person!  I over think everything and I'm hyper critical of myself so every time I check for sales it kills me a little each time.  Every time I ask for suggestions I usually don't get any responses so I won't ask.  BUT, I will make a desperate plea that if you have read one of my books and liked it please recommend it to a friend, co-worker, neighbor.  If you are on Goodreads please either rate the book or leave a review.  PLEASE!!!  Thank you!