Sunday, June 15, 2014

No Doubt

While I write my new book I've been doubting whether or not the story is any good.  I've been forgetful and feeling scatter-brained lately and haven't been feeling confident in myself.  I had been reading different things that other authors do as they write so I thought that I would try it.  So the one I thought would be the most beneficial was the suggestion to not proof read the book until you are completely finished.  I thought, gee that might work since I did miss a bunch of grammatical errors in my first book.  I wrote through to Chapter 10 without really rereading much of it.
The result: DISASTER!!!
This process is totally not for me!  For a while I just kept thinking, "I'm not sure if I'm writing what I want or even what I'm supposed to be for my characters."  It was a terrible feeling to have.  I was desperate for an honest critique and handed my pages off to my friend to read.  Then I decided to go and reread everything starting from the beginning.  After reading it and making a few changes my attitude completely changed.  I felt so much better about the story and where it was going.  So much so, that I no longer needed to hear my friends review.  (Although I do love talking it over with her.)
My advice to other writers is: Choose the process that works for you.  No one can tell you how to write your stories but you and your characters.  If the process doesn't feel right then something's wrong. Find out what it is and change it. Never doubt the story that you are writing, for it is the story that you were meant to tell, whether people like it or not!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

You're the Inspiration

I was just recently at a family gathering and was shocked to have someone say that I was an inspiration.  As always, because I am not one to take compliments well, I bashfully smiled and said "thank you."  I was completely floored that someone would think that I was inspirational.  It had to have been one of the most AMAZING compliments of my life!!!
I have never been one to think much of myself and usually don't like to be center of attention (i know some of you may find that hard to believe) so since I've written and published my book, I have had to get over that intimidation fairly quickly.  I really just wanted to tell a story and share it with people, I never thought that what I did would inspire anyone.  I never thought that writing a book would be so... I can't even think of the right word!  I have had people tell me that they were impressed and asked me how I found the time or  how was I able to it.  I guess I just thought that anyone could do it, even a full time mom with a full time retail job, like me.  Even with my awesome compliment I still don't think I'm anything special.  I'm just a girl that had a story to tell and told it.
I do want to thank Tammy again for the incredible compliment.  I love being a part of your family and having you all in my life!  Your words and love mean so much to me.