Friday, September 18, 2015

I'm baaack!

Hello everyone!  Yes, I am in fact still alive.  I know it has been months since I've posted, and I apologize.  I have had some issues in my personal life that have derailed me from my writing.  I am hoping that with my upcoming changes I will be able to get back on track.
So, I have started writing my third book.  I have the epilogue done and part of chapter one.  I am however contemplating a serious overhaul, but that will come in time.  My next story is about Faith, one of the characters from Back To Me.  It is a "spin-off" or "companion" book and will be the second of a three books series.  The third book will be about Dan.
I will keep you all up to date on the progress, as I know your days are not complete without a little glimpse into my madness.  ;)