Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Buy My Book

Being an independent author seemed to be the best option for me. I am impatient and I don't do well with rejection, so publishing my book through Createspace killed two birds with one stone.  I wouldn't have to wait years for a publisher to agree to publish my book and no one would be able to say no to it if I did it myself.  All I had to do was write the book.  People think writing a book is hard (which it is), but trying to promote and sell one all by yourself is a hell of a lot harder!
I have done the whole social media thing, even tweeting, which I'm still not very good at.  I have started this blog, which has been the most fun out of all of this.  And I have begged friends and family to tell others about my book.   That should sell my books, right?  WRONG!  Now, granted, I have sold about 40 books now, which I am super excited about, but I really was hoping it would have been more.   This is where my impatience comes in.
I know I have to understand that I am a no name writer and this is my first book, and these things take time.  I guess I just want people to read it!
I've been asked about how much money I've made off the book.  Almost nothing, which is ok.  I'm not writing these stories for the money, I'm writing them for people to read.  I want them to be shared with others.  Is it exciting to see money go in to my account when I sell one?  Absolutely!  But to me the most exciting part is knowing that someone is reading one of my stories.
I've read different ways to get people to buy my book, most of them are by bribing the reader with fancy gifts, but that's not how I roll.  I want people to read my book because it looks interesting or because someone they know said it was a great read.  And I want people to write reviews that they mean, and not because I bought their opinions.  
I guess I just need to be patient and wait.  And hope like hell that my book will get into the hands of more people.  And while I wait, I will keep writing my stories and be grateful for every single time someone buys a copy of my book.
P.S. Thank you to everyone who has bought a copy, reviewed it and told a friend about it.  You guys ROCK!

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